New-born Bavarian Quadruplets – White Lion Cubs

Mama Princess (aged 7) and Papa King Tonga (aged 11) are the proud parents of four (4) White Lion Cubs. Born of Munich based Circus Krone, the cubs were born on Wednesday (20.08.2014) while the lions were on tour in Magdeburg. Congratulations!

Circus Krone, Munich (20.08.2014):  Princess with 4 White Lion Cubs

Circus Krone, Munich: Princess with 4 White Lion Cubs

More details:

Christian Ude: His last work day.


Osbourn Patrick Kemp and Christian Ude

Osbourn Patrick Kemp (Owner, ozTour Luxury) & Christian Ude (Mayor of Munich, 1993-2014)

Christian Ude:

After his career as a journalist and lawyer, he was elected as deputy mayor of Munich on 2 May 1990.

On 12 September 1993, Ude (SPD) was elected as lord mayor. He was re-elected three times, on 13 June 1999 with 61.2 per cent of all votes, on 3 March 2002 with 64.5 per cent and on 2 March, 2008 with 66.8 per cent. In August 2011 Christian Ude announced his intention to become the SPD’s leading candidate for the upcoming Bavarian state election in 2013.

30 April, 2014 was his last day at work.

The ozTour Luxury wishes you all the best!