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In Munich tourism since 2006, visit Munich to join Ozzie and ozTour Munich
to show you what to do in Munich. Whatever the budget is for your Germany
travel itinerary, individual or group, join us 1 day in Munich to get you local!

Click on the Munich Flag above to enter into the home of
ozTour Munich,
where walking tours, Bavarian cuisine & beer tours, day trips and much more
await to show you the best attractions in Munich.

When you visit Munich, join us to see why for Munich tourism we are the
award winner for the
Best Tour Company to show you things to do in Munich.

Like no corporation can, in Bavaria, we feel local is best. With more than
3000 tours completed, what we do with your 1 day in Munich is often
imitated, but never duplicated.

Include us in your Germany travel itinerary and let's get you local!
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